In 2019 EJEKT Festival reaches its 15-year mark and celebrates the occasion with an anniversary line-up.
The first heardliner to be announced is THE CURE, one of the biggest names of modern music!

The Cure returns to Greece after more than a decade for a show that will be a part of the upcoming European tour of the band, celebrating its 40 years of history.

The Cure’s hits are so many, that almost every listener has related – willingly or not – some moment of his life with one of their songs. Any artist or band would want to have written a song like «Friday I’m In Love», «Just Like Heaven», «Pictures of you», «A Letter To Elise», «Boys Don’t Cry», «Lovesong», «Never Enough», «High», «Lullaby», «Killing An Arab», «Fascination Street», «In Between Days», «Close To Me», «Fire In Cairo», «A Strange Day», «A Night Like This», «Burn», «To Wish Impossible Things», «Close To Me» and so many others.

The Cure’s music is this unique blend of goth, pop and rock which managed to portray so perfectly what exactly is was that the 80s and the 90s were. The charasteristic persona of Robert Smith (with that haircut, the make-up, the red lipstick, the black clothes), the lyrics that cut deep into the multy layers of that era (from irony to angst to bursts of happiness) and his so very british voice became a stable not only for their generation but also for the next ones.

On July 17th 2019 the Cure will take over the stage of EJEKT Festival, at Plateia Nerou in Faliro – the most beautiful open-air venue of Athens, right by the sea – for a show that will last more than 2 hours and will cover their great carreer.