Yoann Lemoine is somewhat of a renaissance man of the arts. His occupational fields encompass directing music videos, graphic design, and more recently composing music. Lemoine adopted the moniker Woodkid to release his music under and has developed a sound steeped in the tradition of baroque pop and neo-folk.

Lemoine had been involved in the music industry for quite some time before he tried his hand at releasing material on his own; however, he initially took part in the behind the scenes side of things, producing music videos for other artists. Before that job he honed his efforts in film and fine art.

Lemoine was born 16 March 1983 in Lyon, France and attended Emile Cohl School where he studied animation and illustration. Lemoine progressed to the art of silk screen printing and eventually moved to the UK to take a course on the subject at Swindon College. After he had finished his studies, Lemoine relocated to France and joined the Paris-based graphics and animation company H5. This led to his acquaintance with film director, writer, and producer Luc Besson, with whom he worked on the animated feature Arthur and the Invisibles. Lemoine delved further into film production and went on to direct several roughs for Sofia Coppola’s Marrie Antoinette.

Though Lemoine landed high profile gigs working on major feature films, he excelled most as a music video director. To say his catalogue of work is impressive would be an understatement. The list of clients he worked for ranges from pop-divas Katy Perry “Teenage Dream”, Taylor Swift “Back to December”, and Lana Del Ray “Born to Die” to hip-hop/R&B sensations Drake, Rihanna, and Pharrell Williams.