The National Gallery was initially housed in a small room in the main building of the National Technical University in Athens. It remained there until 1939, when the War broke out. Substantial donations by Greek patriots as well as acquisitions continued to enrich the museum collections. The National Gallery merging, in 1954, with the Alexandros Soutsos Estate, an initiative of the Director at the time, Marinos Kalligas, was a decisive step in the museum’s development. Nevertheless, the National Gallery essentially remained a nomad until 1976, when the current building, designed by the architects and professors Pavlos Mylonas and Dimitris Fatouros, which began to be built in 1964, was completed and inaugurated.

This building hosted the Permanent exhibition of National Gallery collections. A virtual tour has been created during the implementation of the EU funded project “Community of Information” (2007). Take tour amongst the permanent collections of the National Gallery following the link.