20 Olympians from 20 countries are invited by Greek Olympians and the National Teams of Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline.

✔ 20 countries – 20 Olympians: 20 Olympians representing 20 countries, will perform their disciplines outdoors. Olympians compete with their perfect selves, their WOGGATARS.

✔ WOGGATAR: WOGGATAR is the digital animation image of every participating athlete. The WOGGATAR is the absolute perfect digital version of every athlete performing flawlessly.

✔ Audience Judge: For the first time worldwide the audience have an interactive role. The audience, via their mobiles, will judge / vote the Olympians’ performances against their WOGGATARS

✔ Each vote counts: Each vote reflects a monetary value. Based on the audience’s votes, the athletes will be rewarded with an equivalent amount of money.

✔ Highest prizes ever: The athletes’ prizes will be the highest in the history of Gymnastics!

✔ Fundraising Reception – Party: The Gala will be followed by a VIP modern reception for fundraising purposes. Funds raised will be donated to the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation to support the National Teams preparation for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.